Auditions Free

Auditions, free of charge is what we are looking for. This is what casting directors and casting agents always tell us. When a project is being cast, depending on the project, casting calls are made to find actors, models, dancers and musicians to fill roles in the project. Some projects are paying projects and some projects have no pay.

In acting, smaller projects can be a great way to improve acting skills and gain experience working on set. Depending on financing, projects might also include compensation and some have no pay. Many times, student films do not pay actors.

In modeling, it works the same way, except that often times, models receive copies of the photographs for their modeling portfolio.

There are many companies that try to entice actors, models, musicians and dancers into paying fees for auditions. I do not recommend anyone pay for information about auditions and casting calls. Almost all of the auditions and casting calls available across the web start as free information. Websites that charge for audition information are not only tricky, but are selling information that is readily available for free.

Businesses that profit from selling repackaged information are not necessarily scams. Let’s face it, people and businesses across most industries simply repackage products or information and charge consumers different prices.

Here’s an example:

If a person wants to buy a new business suit, they can find this at a high end boutique, or at a local salvation army. The suit could be the same quality and made of the same material, but one might be free with little cost and the other might cost much more. The high end boutique is not a scam for charging a high price. Some people buy second hand and sell at a profit. Not a scam.

The fact is that depending on where you shop you can always find auditions free.

When paying a website for membership to gain access to auditions, what you are really paying for is exposure. These websites are designed to provide profiles and industry interaction that is relevant to your career.

Take time to research the popularity of the site you are considering joining. If you pay for a membership, don’t join to access free auditions. Join to access communities where others, like yourself, are learning, sharing and gaining experience and knowledge about acting, modeling, music and dance.

Work towards the goal of getting personal representation from a talent agent. Only then, will you be able to gain access to casting calls and auditions that are not available on the internet.

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